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What is Societal Resilience? – Societal resilience empowers the whole of society, including individuals, families, businesses, sporting and social clubs, cultural groups, educational establishments, institutions and religious groups to become involved in developing how they can become more resilient. Everyone should be given the opportunity to get involved.


We have all seen the photos of the results of flooding, storms, extreme heat and unusual weather patterns in the news. Every now and then there is talk in the media of power cuts or not having enough power. Things happen unexpectedly. How well prepared are you and your communities to deal with these events if and when they happen?

Types of risk in Dorset

Explore the types of emergencies that could occur, what the possibility is of such an event ever happening and what the possible outcomes would be if it did. We rate our risks from very high (red) to low (green), learn more about the rating of risks in Dorset on our dedicated webpage, click an icon below or the learn more button.


Become a prepared community

Empowering individuals, businesses and community groups to take collective action, support vulnerable members of society and promote resilience.

Latest News and Events

Keeping you up to date with what’s happening in Dorset

Community resilience work across Dorset

Our Community Resilience Liaison Officer, Clare is regularly out and about around Dorset, talking to all our communities about ways in which they can become more resilient.   Click on the yellow circles to learn more about Clare’s visits.  Blue numbered circles mean Clare has visited several communities in that local area, click on the circle to zoom in for more information.

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