A terrorist attack in Dorset is highly unlikely. However we should not be complacent.

Dorset like any other county has the same risk of an attack from a lone individual or a group of individuals involved in terrorism. Terrorism may not be just a physical attack on life and limb. It can include interference with information or communication systems, causing disruption and economic damage.

Some attacks are easier to carry out if the terrorist is assisted by an ‘insider’ or by someone with specialist knowledge or access. Terrorism also includes threats or hoaxes designed to frighten and intimidate. 

Police and partners work together to protect our communities and keep them safe through the national Counter Terrorism Strategy (CONTEST).

The aim of CONTEST it to reduce the risk from terrorism and domestic extremism so that everybody in Dorset can go about their everyday lives freely and with confidence.


  • Multiple casualties
  • Major disruption to transport
  • Major disruption to utilities
  • Impact on businesses


  • Deaths and injuries
  • Increased number of admissions to hospitals / visits to GPs
  • Road and travel disruptions
  • Damage and disruption to utilities
  • Damage to property and environment
  • Impact on businesses
  • Displaced families and communities 

For the latest Terrorism Threat level and advice visit: www.gov.uk/terrorism-national-emergency/terrorism-threat-levels

National confidential anti-terrorism hotline: 0800 789321 (Always ring 999 in an emergency)

Risk Rating: High

Anti-Terrorism Hotline : 0800 789 321
Run, Hide, Tell
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