Heathland and Forest Fires

Dorset has many large areas of heathland and forests, which are vulnerable to wildfires. These can be started from extreme hot weather causing vegetation to dry out or as a result of human activity from carelessness or deliberate fire setting.

Large wildfires in Dorset are rare but when they do occur they can be very serious and affect large areas of our countryside. 


  • Risk to life and housing
  • Damage to Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
  • Damage to electricity cables


  • Damage to ecology / habitats / endangered species
  • Contamination of our water
  • Damage or disruption of transport
  • Damage or disruption of energy infrastructures (power lines)
  • Damage to or loss of crops
  • Damage to or destruction of commercial property and homes

For further information on safety outdoors visit the following website:


Risk Rating: Medium

Forest fire
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