Disruption to Fuel Supplies

The public, businesses and organisations all rely to some extent on fuel, whether it is for getting children to school, staff to work, distributing products or providing services. The availability of fuel within the UK is generally very good. However there are examples within recent years of brief disruptions to supply on both a regional and national basis. A shortage of fuel causes many problems.

In recent winters the oil industry has seen an increase in demand for domestic and business oil delivery throughout the winter months. The supply for such a demand can be badly affected if snow and wide spread ice affects the road network. Advice from national bodies as to how to ensure you will not run out of supplies this winter is available at www.oilsave.org.uk


  • Public and commercial filling stations exhausted within 48 hours
  • Key local and emergency organisations unable to maintain normal services


  • Panic buying which can often exacerbate the problem
  • Essential services affected to vulnerable individuals in Dorset
  • Disruption to our communities – businesses and schools
  • Reduced delivery capability (e.g. delivery to food stores)
  • Potential public order incidents
  • Increased crime (e.g. theft from storage tanks)

Risk Rating: Medium

Fuel pump
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