What is the LRF?

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 establishes a framework for emergency planning and response from local to national level, including the provision of temporary emergency regulations.

The aim is to reduce the risk from emergencies so that people can go about their lives freely and with confidence. The Local Resilience Forum (LRF) coordinates how Dorset's emergency responders support this, by taking decisions and actions in line with objectives to:

  • protect life;
  • contain and mitigate the impacts of an emergency;
  • create the conditions for a return to normality.

The Local Resilience Forum is the principal mechanism for multi-agency cooperation under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. The Dorset LRF is based on the Dorset Police boundary, which covers the Local Authority areas of Dorset Council and BCP Council.

The LRF is a process by which the organisations cooperate with each other. The LRF is not a statutory body, but it is a statutory process made up of many statutory bodies. The LRF doesn’t have powers to direct its members.

The Dorset LRF is led by the LRF Executive Group and provides the framework for the effective delivery of the statutory duties under the Civil Contingencies Act. The Dorset Civil Contingencies Unit manages the day to day running of the business of the Local Resilience Forum and ensures it delivers against the strategy.

You can learn more about the Civil Contingencies Act by following this link (opens in a new window).


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